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random costume-related rambling

So I was musing about what to do for my Halloween costume this year, and thought about wearing something FMA. I considered my Izumi costume, but no, that would be too cold. And then I remembered my black hoodie sweater- the one that's so long and billowy that I keep thinking 'hee, I feel like Ed in his little red coat' whenever I wear it.
And then it came to me. All I'd have to do is paint a red flamel on the back, tie my hair in a braid, and suddenly I could become an inverted Ed! :D
This suddenly opened up tons of new possibilities, since I'd always been limiting myself to a few characters because my hair is black (and I despise wigs). So yes, people, there is a way: LET US ALL BECOME HAGAREN BIZARROS!
(...Except I don't know how I'd invert the rest of Ed's costume without looking like some kind of flashy superhero. Details, details.)

Btw, is it okay to use icons with ep. 51 spoilers now?
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