billypilgrim (billypilgrim) wrote in fm_alchemist,

51 one theory/question;

Well, we know Ed sacrfices himself to save.. Al. The Al before they did human transmuation. He brings back *that* Al. And, in exchange, Ed goes behind the gate, yes? Well, Older!Al sacrificed himself for Ed to return to normal, wouldn't that mean that Older!Al, in Armor or Soul form, his behind the gate aswell?

I mean, look.

Al Sacrices self for Ed's limbs > Ed gets limbs, sacrifices self for Al.. before the HT > Ed goes behind the gate > New Al appears. Now, we're missing some scenes, that'll probebly appear in the movie, but, if it is Armor Al, and Ed and Hohienhemm are possibly Nazi's, I'm reminded strangley of Hellboy of robot development for WWII. Wouldn't a soul trapper in armor make a great kickoff? An idea, and any other ideas or opinions?

Of course, this means, that they're are two Als.
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