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Lookit! A serious fic from me! O_O *looks around to see if the sky is falling as well*

Title: Punishment
Challenge: Childhood
Pairings: Nothing, really. Really.
Words: 222 (okay, so I went just a *little* bit over. bite me.)
Spoilers: Yep, all over the place

He had always considered it his punishment. The life he led… the company he kept… even his remarkable “talents” have all been a part of it. Punishment for the fact that he was HIS son. They don’t understand why he hated and blamed his father so much. But they didn’t know him like he did. Being abandoned when he was so young and fragile was… somewhat traumatic.

“Come here, son…”

But the worst part… the worst was remembering. He was the only one who truly remembered his father. And he’d give anything to forget.

“Daddy, you made that for me? With alchemy?” Young eyes full of wonder.

Memories of his father. Memories of his childhood. The memories were the worst part of the punishment.

His father’s smile. “Call it an early birthday present.”

He was cocky and full of himself during the daytime. During the day, he was able to forget for a while. But not at night. At night the memories came back to haunt him. As well as those eyes.

A childish squeal of delight. “Thank you daddy! I love you!”

Those familiar eyes. Those eyes full of fear and disgust. He hated those eyes. Hated them, because they were the very first things he saw when he was reborn into the world as Envy.

“I love you too, son…”

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