Improbable Design (darkazriel) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Improbable Design


This is just some rambling about canon and fanon pairings and such- A bit of babbling on the Royai faction.

All throughout the series there have been conjectures on pairings- Everything from the common Ed/Winry or Roy/Ed to a few truly bizarre crack pairings. Now, with episode 51, there's proof for the Royai shippers that the pairing is indeed canon, or at least possible canon. Fanfics were written for many pairings, fanart drawn, and usually I'm not a pairing hater (My philosophy is that if it can be made plausible, it's all good. Live and let live) but yet I can't shake the feeling that Roy/Hawkeye is somehow a bit... off. I wasn't sure what it was, but it came to me in watching 51 again.

Normally I like nearly all the characters. Hawkeye, I like. Roy, I like. The problem is that in 51, sitting by the bedside and feeding her commanding officer is just not something Hawkeye would do. The running up to him on the steps, the calling his name, all in character. But that scene in the hospital(?) was so machinated and out of character I just couldn't take it seriously.

(And completely off-topic, but... Selim. ;_;)
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