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Island of Thule in FMA 51

I was doing some background research after watching FMA 51...

After Hohenheim walks out of the monastery, I noticed the men were talking about finding the "Island of Toure" according to my own subtitles. A friend of mine noticed that it was pronounced differently as German and Japanese spelling differs. It turns out "Toure" was actually "Thule". I did some research and saw that the Island of Thule is a myth of a German secret society commonly referred to as The Thule Society, a precursor to the Nazi Party in beliefs of Aryan superiority. According the the society's teachings, The Island of Thule was the source of all Aryan wisdom of such a superior race.

This makes me wonder in a way, is Hohenheim a Nazi? Is Ed's distrust of Einstein's theories a result of unintentional anti-semitism?

I know it isn't good to think of such protagonists in a series in such a light, but it may be very possible that Hohenheim and Ed, being new to the world at the other side of the gate, would not know any better, or perhaps have a previous grudge against the Allies for launching nuclear weapons that greatly impacted their thoughts on life. Then again, looking through the gate, didn't they see the complete past and future of such a world including the World Wars and Nazi Germany?

This small part of the episode only continues to make me ask questions about them. Any thoughts on it?
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