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Because I'm weird enough to do this

The DEATH list....

EDIT: Whoa! You people are fast! Added the missing ones.

I mean it: SPOILERS!

Cornello (episode 2)
Trisha Elric (actual death seen in episode 3)
Majiharl (episode 4)
Unnamed woman (episode 7)
Nina Tucker (episode 7)
Alexander (episode 7)
Magwar (episode 12)
Accountant Clay (episode 14)
Lots of soldiers and national alchemists (episode 14)
Brigadier General Basque Grahn (episode 14)
The Rockbells (mentioned in episode 3, seen in episode 15)
Tim Marco (episode 16)
More military guys (episode 19)
Half soul-atached to armor (er... the Slicer younger brother?) (episode 21)
number 48 (Slicer older brother) (episode 22)
Convict A (episode 22)
Barry the chopper (episode 24)
Leo/Rick's Mom (episode 24 flashback)
Maes Hughes (episode 25)
Chiko (cat in episode 29)
Izumi’s baby (seen in episode 31)
Yoki (episode 32)
People in the Devil Nest (ten or so) (episode 33)
Dorochet (episode 34)
Law? (episode 34)
Greed (episode 34)
Real Lyla (episode 34)
Scar's Brother's Lover (more clearly seen in episode 35)
Lujon (episode 35)
Lydia (episode 35)
A whole village(episode 35)
Scar’s brother (seen in episode 40)
Martel (episode 40)
Lots of people in Liore (episode 41)
Zolof Kimblee (episode 42)
Scar (episode 42)
7000 soldiers (episode 42)
Philosopher stone fodder (a.k.a many people) (episode 45)
Lust (episode 47)
Sloth (episode 48)
More soldiers (episode 50)
Edward (London world, episode 50)
Selim (episode 51)
Pride (episode 51)
Frank Archer (episode 51) (I’m so happy it was him and not Roy)
Dante (episode 51)
Gluttony (episode 51)
And many, many more unnamed red shirts.

Total of (named characters) deaths: 35

This series LIKES death.

Did I forget someone?
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