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Drabble Community Idea

I've been doing some brainstorming lately. I've seen several fandoms that have 100 word drabble communities like Yami no Matsuei (fuda_100), Weiss Kreuz (wk_100), Harry Potter (hp100), deathnote100, etc.

What I've been thinking is that we should have a drabble community for FMA fiction too. A hundred words of FMA goodness and it can keep our muses going and ideas flowing.

I would make a poll but I haven't renewed my paid account yet x_x. So I guess I should ask it straight out:

Is there anybody interested in joining an FMA 100 word drabble community? If so, I'll make it. If not, I'll just ditch the idea. And what should I name the community?

Keep it real, FMA fans.

Til later,

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