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Okay, so I'm a little newish to the FMA fandom. All I've ever done was watch the episodes and that was it, but with the latter episodes I was feeling a little lonely and wanted to read everyone's theories and comments about the series... well, I joined this community and here I am. XD

So being a bit "new," I have a question I'd like to ask, even at the risk of sounding clueless. XD

Alright, I see peole referring to Wrath as "Moofy" sometimes. I take it that Moofy is Wrath before he gobbled down those red stones, right?

If that's so, who made up the name Moofy, and what exactly does it... mean? XD lol. Or, if I'm way off the mark, explain what Moofy is to me. ^^;

Thank you! <3
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