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Random nonsense conversation regarding recent spoiler-cut frenzy

Me and my friend were basically chatting online and somehow it ended up turning into this... (warning: contains vague references to recent Naruto chapters, in case you really want to avoid that stuff)

Hinote Sennyu: You know how the FMA community is all talking about FMA 51?
nzmongoose: Yeah
Hinote Sennyu: Naruto is all talking about chapter 234
nzmongoose: I already noticed a lot of 233 before... so I guess they've moved to the next chapter
Hinote Sennyu: apprently chapter 233 is only action, and ended the fight between Sasuke and something big happened in 234
nzmongoose: oooooooooooooooooooh
nzmongoose: Sasuke turned into a watermelon?
Hinote Sennyu: yea, he used his Sharingan and copied the watermelon attack and turned into one himself since watermelon can only do just that
nzmongoose: yeah
nzmongoose: And then Bradley comes in and he runs off with Sasukemelon and gives him to Ed and Ed goes "Huh?" and Bradley says "Bye!" and runs off and then a swarm of angry ninja come after Ed but can't find him because he hid behind a blade of grass.
Hinote Sennyu: but surely the watermelon must be bigger than the blade of grass.
nzmongoose: Unless... Edward's midgetness is contagous! *can't remember how to spell that*
Hinote Sennyu: he transmute it into a blade of grass!

Crossposted to chuunin by my friend because she's a meanie and won't post it here herself. :P
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