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04 October 2004 @ 11:06 pm
Might as well introduce myself; been posting comments here for about a week or so, lurking for over a month...

I'm Alyssa- FMA fan from the South-Western Manitoba, Canada region. And I come with a OMGBRINGTHEMENINWHITECOATS theory!! XD

I've been reading a lot of theories around this LJ and others about the upcoming movie. Things like:

What's Ed want with rockets?
What does Ed have against Albert Einstein?
Does Al get his memories back?

But this one is focused around our favorite palm-tree head: Envy. Where DID he go? I know he went through the gate and stuff, but no evidence that he might actually be on the other side.

Now for my crack theory: If Envy DID make it to the other side- where or WHO is he? Saying he still holds his shape-changing abilities, Envy could pose as anyone in history, right? And after some quick thinking and research I have come to the insane conclusion that Envy could most likely be posing as Adolf Hitler.

Think about it: both of them hate humanity, are manipulative, betrayed/killed their own buddies, hate their fathers, always try and get what THEY want...

Or maybe someone just slipped something into my coffee. *shrugs*

VERY VERY sorry for the LJ-cut not working last time. I shall perform hara-kiri with a fork for my sins. T___T
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outlandish moles f☠cking gophers: saladtongs by Rootoftheoraclebby on October 5th, 2004 04:48 am (UTC)
-Rockets = space time/Gate travel...? *mental image of Edward riding a rocket back through the gate into the ballroom* o_O;;

-Noooo! Don't hurt Alucard- hurt the annoying police girl instead~! XD

-Probably getting updates from the others. But what about those moments he had just with his brother? No one can tell him about those except Edward~ T___T

-Elric lurve is strong like Armstrong!! xDD

-"FMA movie = DBZ" Oh God, I hope not. X__X

...lightbulb... <.< >.>;;;
mica_chanmica_chan on October 6th, 2004 06:48 am (UTC)
Hey! I like Celes!!!! Even though I love (of course) Alucard more, I also like Celes a lot. To me, he can kill Lady (Sir) Hellsing (that I totally forgot the name!!!...Integral??) that I won't cry a single tear.

What make me wonder about the movie is...they will happen two year after the end of FMA, right!? So....Edward will be with 17 (or 18) years old, while Alphonse would be still 12 :-(