kuuumo (kuuumo) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Hagaren 16~~~~ <3<3

Meep, I so love Hagaren 16.

Being the icon freak that I am, I made a batch from screencaps. This is my first time sharing icons here too, you can stab me if you think they're badly done, I won't beg to differ. *_*

Don't stab me if they spoiled you, they are from episode 16 afterall. I think most of them are quite safe, but I'm a bad judge at this so... *stares intently at feet*

You can take any, it will make me feel very honoured. *_* Comment if you are kind but please give credit. Keywords or not keywords, just squish it somewhere that poor kuuumo slogged at it. ;_;
Oh yeah, and save them as *.gif files

Okay... not hard to tell who's my fave chara. ._.

*curtsies and lurks in some dark corner*

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