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Card Captor Envy panel mini-doujin

Since I have not much better to do out of my life, I know present you the first episode of the 'Card Captor Envy' series...thought up out of the blue a long time ago but having undergone realisation not too long ago. Feedback ? x3;-Ah, and I wrote down the dialogues again after the image,too, in case my writing's too unreadeable. Now go and see it and click the commenting button, I know you want to[Me ? Shamelessly advertising myself? Auto-plugging myself?!!What makes you think that?!].

"One day, as Envy was sadistically keeling people for the fun of it..."

1- "One day, as Envy was sadistically killing people for the fun of it..."
Envy: Whee!Keel is good.
2-"Hold on, young assexual being! You have been chosen to become the Card Captor! Take this staff!"
3-Envy: WTF Flying rat.
Kero: Take the f*beeeeeep*[censored]ing staff you moron.
4-Envy: WTF.
Kero: Now go and fight crime, Card Captor Envy! To activate the staff, you have to...
5-Envy:Hold on, I think I found out how it works.

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