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04 October 2004 @ 10:42 am
FMA 51 Miscellaneous Queries  
I bided my time to see if anyone asked this or answered them in other posts but as of yet, I've yet to see any real responses. I also spent a good chunk of last night pondering both questions and would appreciate it if anyone could at least try to put my brain at ease.

1. Why does Al think he must use alchemy to get his brother back? Is it just a crazy assumption?
My friend suggested it's because the boys see alchemy as the solution to everything, but this would be awful. If that's the way Al viewed things; it would mean he learned nothing. Yes, I know he forgot his memory but it's a total crock to reduce him to the non-insightful child they were, believing they could transcend death withoud due consequences. I was guessing one of the many people he's hanging with (Does he really need ALL of them) could have mentioned something about Ed being involved in a flawed experiment. Of course, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense either since to Al, Ed's only 10. He doesn't look 10, dammit. Does he even know that he's lost 4 years of his life?

2. Ed is obviously missing his arm in our world but is he also missing his leg? If so, what material would be used to remedy that? And is his automail the same he had before Envy killed him or is it shoddy merchandise he put together in our world's time?
My friend suggested Ed just swapped his body for Al when he brought him back. But Ed was in his restored body, where the hell did the beat-up one come from? Also, if that were so, Ed would have his nicer automail but the shot of it in 51 showed his arm to be a crappier kind. We didn't see too much of his leg but he appeared to be walking on it fine when he was following Hohenheim. I seriously doubt prosthetics are that good in the 1900s.

3. Does Ed really believe he can reach his old world through a rocket or higher form of air/space travel? That's a pretty crack theory if you ask me. While on this, why can't Ed do alchemy anymore if he could do it the first time he entered the Gate? Why can't Hohenheim do alchemy? Both were forced into the Gate the same way originally but Ed retained his alchemist powers initially. Now they are both the same. I don't get this at all. Did the Gate, itself, strip both of their abilities?

4. Can one survive getting shot in the head?
I assume this is what happened to Roy since he was missing an eye. Either that, or the was the only part of his neurals damaged after the blow. Though, he was using a cane in the one scene so that could imply a reaction similar to a stroke. What actually happened to the poor man?

5. What's up with this rumor that the idea of 52 episodes was ditched just so the series could end appropriately before Oct 3?
This is the most crack of all.
Marikaitou_marina on October 4th, 2004 09:25 am (UTC)
1. What I think Al was getting at was a "relearning" of alchemy. In order to get his brother back, after all, he's gotta learn how to access the gate in a more literal sense so he can bring him back through. The end of the series suggests that you have to have a whole new understanding of alchemy to really get that gate to appear.

2. I'm just as confused as you are about Ed's arm and leg ^.^;;;

3. This one seems like something that will be more thoroughly explained in the movie, but it seemed to me that Ed can't do alchemy anymore because... it's hard to explain. My theory had something to do with how he sacrificed his restored body and thus "died" in the alchemy world. So... maybe having something to do with that.

4. One can very much survive being shot in the head, as long as the bullet doesn't penetrate the cerebellum. It appears to me though that he was mostly just shot in the side of the head, right along the left side of his face. However, if he'd been shot any higher and more to the right, his speech centers would have been permenantly damanged (he probably would have wound up with speech aphasias, that is, losing the ability to understand and produce speech). So I'm guessing it wasn't too horrible of a wound.

5. The idea of 52 episodes was not "ditched," the series has been announced as being 51 episodes for months. Not all anime series end on round season numbers.