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Return of the pinata!

I really made an Pinata!Envy! XD

Biding his time.. vengence shall be his!

"Who're you calling smaller than gliding automan stool! WHAT? I'm not about to take any of that from a house cat sitting down--DAMMIT PLUSHIE BODIES STINK!" ... Plushie!Ed has issues...

Step One: get balloons, two shall be enough. I used water-balloon balloons. Then I cut half circles out of paper for the legs and such.

Tie or tape balloons together!

And tape on those appendages!

AH! I faceless blob of a ghost! I did a layer of newpaper fairly thick, and then I did plenty of white tissue paper. From here on you can make a pinata of whatever character you want. Yay for paper mache!

Let there be flesh! Unlike what I did, it's best to make sure everything is DRY before painting. I was impatient.

Ah! Camelot! Get out of Envy's hair!

I looped the yarn and sniped only one side of it. That way everytime I put a 'hair' on, I actually apply TWO! Faster that way...

Behold my ghetto hot glue gun. I can never find it when I need it. A candle and a glue stick work okay, just be careful you don't drip and watch where you put the stick after using it if it's still soft/hot.

"I'm not being a nuisance! I'm HELPING!"

This is where my impatience prooved dangerous. I poked the head and torso with a needle to pop the balloons. Then I used my exacto knife to cut a 'trap door' into Envy's back and stuffed him with candy. I resealed the hole with leftover glue stick.

Why was this dangerous? Having not let the glue dry ALL the way through, and the neck also wet on the outside from the paint, Envy tried to behead himself. Note to self: ALWAYS let the pinata dry THOROUGHTLY, and give it a little extra drying time after cutting a 'trap door' in it to be SURE the inside is as dry as the outside.

flip over and paint some more! Hot glue on material if you want! Yay! You have a pinata!

XD Follow the step by step instructions to make your OWN mini pinatas!

EDIT: I'm debating taking pinata!Envy to Anime Reactor, or saving him for Anime Central. I'm not sure if the chocolate in him will still be good (hell, I don't even know if it's good now) but the taffy and sweetarts and lifesavers and the lemon head should stay good...

PS: I still have plenty of balloons and paper mache glue... XD
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