Crysi (crysiana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Episode 51, again

I haven't seen this topic discussed in any of the threads so far, and I apologize for making another ep 51 thread - this has to do with Roy.

Roy does not seem to be involved in the government, so much, so do we agree with the Daisoto that because of Roy's involvement in a coup, he's excluded from rejoining governmental activity? Obviously his goal of becoming Daisoto himself is null, since the Parlimentary government is in charge, and I decided Roy would probably be happy enough with the change in how things are governed, since his real issue was more along the lines of "I'm going to run it so that evil crap doesn't happen." He doesn't seem to be in the military any longer (not that I'm surprised by that, since, again, his reason for staying in is gone), so what's Roy doing nowadays? (Anyone who says "Riza" will be summarily shot. Riza/Havoc OTP forever, baby, or failing that, Riza/Roy/Havoc OT3.)

Also, it doesn't seem as if the government prosecuted Roy - one might assume that the soldiers who were actually taking Riza off knew the whole thing, but...I would think that others would know what Roy did, and well, governments don't like insurgents. So why isn't Roy in jail/up to be executed? The two options I came up with were 1) that for some reason no one did know that it was Roy or 2) because the new government was just as happy to get rid of the Daisoto, they decided to "forget" that Roy was involved in a coup attempt, as long as he doesn't try for them.

Edit: I'm not denying that Roy/Riza is canon - I'm just saying that one should not answer that "Riza" is what Roy is doing. Because given my phrasing, I would be inclined to answer in such a snarky way. But there you go. And re: the OTP - part of the point of OTPs is that they're not canon, so.

I'm probably thinking about this too much.
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