la_mi_chan (la_mi_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

trudedededededeeeeee...:D instead of homework lookie what im doing =).
it feels like there is going to be another episode next week X_X; just doesn't feel like the feels like a cliffhanger ending.i never cry for anything and i wanted to cry while i watched this episode X_x;.....
the part about aru not remembering anything from the past 4 years and still being 10 years old made me so makes me wan't to see the movie now.
X_X....that's just so mean. all of what we've seen them live for the past close they grew and everything they saw....he doesn't remember any of it. that makes me so sad. ;;;;....
i'll go now...i will draw a fanart later
fma is over...i feel empty-ish :/.
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