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I Was Right About Something! Finally.

Because I must celebrate that I was finally right about something in this series.

I wrote a fan fiction back in early July speculating the end of the FMA anime series called "Funeral Rites". The original thread can be viewed here.

Now, besides the fact that everything else - from the time to Ed's own condition of living - are now figured wrong, my main theory that was thrown into this was right. I had predicted a while back that, in defeating the Fuhrer, Roy would obtain one physical trait that was also shared by/similar to that of the Fuhrer.

I, as noted in the second paragraph of "Funeral Rites", predicted it would be Roy's left eye since the Fuhrer's most distinctive feature was that. Only, his left eye is blind because it's impossible for him to have the "Ultimate Eye".

A more general item regarding Episode 51 and a fan-girling:
I am wondering - is Salim dead?

Is Roy/Riza canon in both the manga and anime now, or what?

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