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I'm considering writing some rather bizarre fics, so...

1) Did Selim (Pride's kid) live? Or was Roy just carrying his dead body out to be dramatic?
2) Any guesses as to how old Selim is?
3) How old is Elysia at the end of the series?
4) About how old is Wrath supposed to be?
5) Do we think that Envy actually made it to London? If he made it to London, would he retain his shape-shifing powers?
6) When did Roy lose his eye? Because I didn't see the Fuhrer stab it out or anything...
7) In the very last shot, we see Ed's arm. It *looks* like it's made of auto-mail just like the stuff Winry gave him... but while he's putting stuff in his briefcase, it looks like he has a sack of sand or something. Does he have nice prosthetics or is he walking around with a peg leg? And hey, he had his human limbs before he did the human transmutation, so why wouldn't he have them when he went through the Gate?

They're just little things, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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