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Yes, so I finally did an FMA fic which I think is almost worthy of being considered by other people. It is, as the title says, a day at (Roy's) office.

Title: A Day at the Office
Author: Crysi
Disclaimer: The people and universe aren't mine, etc. I'll put them back where I got them after I molest them etc.
Rating: G
Warnings: Very vague spoilers. ...very vague.
Notes: Because I promised Meia something in return for pointing the Gluttony/Roy out to her.
Summary: Havoc watches Hawkeye make sure that the Colonel is doing his job.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

There were few things that struck terror into the hearts of those who worked in Colonel Roy Mustang's office. This was mostly because between working wth the Colonel and just knowing each other, there were few things left that would scare them. (Fights in the middle of East City with Ishvarites aside.) It had been, for the most part, a quiet day, something that tended to make them suspicious rather than relaxed.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

It appeared, however, that something was about to happen, given the tapping. It was a sound that rarely occurred, mostly because the preceeding sounds usually made the tapping unnecessary.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The tapping was, unfortunately, the sound of Lieutenant Hawkeye getting impatient.

Havoc had witnessed this scene only a couple times before, and he had lit a new cigarette this time and settled back for the show. It had started several hours before, when Hawkeye caught the Colonel staring out the window, twidding a pencil between the fingers of his left hand, and very much not working on the stacks of reports on his desk. Hawkeye had entered the room while Roy sat at his desk near the window, and therefore she'd had to maneuver around a few stacks of paperwork, which seemed to cover every flat surface in the office. (Someone had commented that Fullmetal had to be very busy again if they were getting this much work to do.)

Hawkeye had paused to cross her arms and look at the Colonel for a few moments, and Havoc had prudently stopped in the middle of the story he was telling (a pity, since the ending was a great one) and gotten back to work. The rest had spared no time following his example of sorting through papers and verifying reports. All except the focus of Hawkeye's annoyance, that is. Roy spent a few long, blissful moments staring out the window before he noticed that Hawkeye was there and, of course, he attempted to escape with a polite nod and an instant focus on his work. For a time, all was well.

Havoc didn't bother to watch as Hawkeye went to her own desk and started in on her own work - he focused on his job and only looked up when he heard her say, "Colonel, please."

Havoc and the others looked up to see Hawkeye standing over Roy. The Colonel, Havoc explained later, was not someone who cringed, even under the most dire of circumstances, and so what he was doing could not be called cringing, but had to be called a strategic retreat into the depths of his chair. Hawkeye didn't have to do more than look at him for more than a few moments before he began doing reports again. After a few moments, she walked past Roy to lean out the window. This action caught the attention of anyone who wasn't staring yet, and made Roy begin to sweat. Hawkeye then calmly drew her gun and pointed, then, after a few moments, pulled back in and returned to her desk.

Roy's attempt to look innocent was not very effective, since it was ruined by his craning his neck to look out the window again. However, peace was restored for a tiem as everyone got back down to work. This was to last a couple hours, and then to end with the tapping. It was, Havoc would point out reasonably, only sensible that Hawkeye should get annoyed with the Colonel. After all, he'd been staring out the window and smiling for fifteen minutes, and only a fool would let him get away with anything like that for long. And so it was that Hawkeye was looming over Roy again, and he again failed to notice.

Tap. Tap. Tap. "Colonel," said Hawkeye politely.

Roy turned to look at her while the rest of the staff huddled around Havoc's desk. Roy gave Hawkeye an even look, though that faltered a bit when she pointed a gun between his eyes. "...yes?" he said, just as politely.

"Flirt with the Elric brothers on your own time. Work on paperwork now."

This is for Meia, as an apology for scarring her mind by pointing her to the Gluttony/whoever stuff.

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