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... FMA 51 and movie alert *insert RED sirens*

It's actually just some historical food for thought =3 but I think you'll like.

*rolls up sleeves* FMA is a big mystery that just loves to be solved - I love this challenge. At the end of 51 Edward is entertaining theories by Robert Hutchings Goddard, about how he's in America and he cannot contact him ~ so he's heading to Transylvania instead. Someone threw out the idea that Edward might end up having something to do with the invent of the rocket, etc. XD Not a far wrong theory.

A gentleman by the name of Hermann Oberth was veeery key to early rocket science - he wrote influential books, etc. He's been coined the Father of Space Travel. The reason I bring him up, is because he was an associate of Goddard's (or perhaps, more of a competetor... people accused Oberth of taking Goddard's theories). Oberth spoke German because of his parents (a language Ed's probably picked up on by now) however he was born in Hermannstadt, Transylvania - this was the place where he was raised, lived and eventually he became a teacher in Transylvania.

Oberth was very active in rocket science between 1918 and 1929... and Ed's smack dab in 1921. I'd put good money on this part of history showing up in the movie X3. As well, they're probably going to tie Edward into our history a little. I suspect he's going to end up having SOMETHING to do with Oberth's success in life.

Silly movie... you're going to make everyone facinated about WWI and the 1920's in Europe.
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