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Some useless alchemy trivia

Not sure if this is on-topic or not...if not feel free to beat me with sticks, however I figured some people might find this stuff interesting, or at least entertaining.

1.)When most people think of the word "Bombastic", they're usually thinking of a loud and veritable windbag, someone who preaches loudly and at great length about something kind of like my father. Actually, that word was derived from the name of one alchemist by the name of Aureolus Philippus Theoprastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (name sound familiar?), otherwise known as Paracelcus. Paracelcus was considered basically one of the big guys who paved the way to modern medicine. He was commonly considered very loudmouthed and obnoxious, crying out against the old medieval medicinal methods such as bleeding out and whatnot. He was threatened with death a couple times, and even went into hiding once or twice. He was eventually assassinated by a couple of his "associates", due to his very vocal nature. However, even to this day some people will make a pilgrimage to his memorial, hoping for a healing miracle.

2.) Gibberish. We all of course know what this means. This word was also derived from the name of an alchemist, specifically an Arabian alchemist by the name of Geber, who wrote all his alchemical knowledge in his own imaginary language. To anyone else reading those documents, they where comprised of nothing more than nonsense words. Other alchemists used similar tactics as well.

Aaand there you have it. I dunno. I'm bored this morning. LOL.

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