Wiccat (wiccat) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I am a drunk Envy! :D

Hello to everyone from Ani-Magic! :D I paid for internet in my hotel room just so I can download episode 51! *_* I watched it, I angsted, and I went and got drunk ^_______^

So if anyone else is here at Ani-Magic, I am the drunken Envy stumbling around the hallways with an almost-druken Ed. Wheeeee!

Waaaaaiiii, what's up with Envy?! He just sorta went in the gate and disappeared? O_o I dun get it...

OMG, I've always thought Wrath was just the cutest little thing ever, but Wrath with automail is just plain HOT! Guuuh... He and Ed should get together and... *smacks self to get rid of pedo thoughts*

I was kinda hoping that Wrath would go and live with Al and Winry and everyone... then go looking for Ed with Al... He needs more screentime, just cause he's not in the manga. And Envy needs to stop being evil and make up with Ed and give each other a big hug!

Of course, this might just be the alcohol talking...
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