should win the nobel prize for evil (nayami) wrote in fm_alchemist,
should win the nobel prize for evil

Fun with screen caps in 51

I haven't made caps in a long time but there were so many shots that were either too amusing or too impressive that I just had to cap the final ep of FMA. I apologize in advance for any of the really offensive jokes in relation to what's going on in the scene.

Oh the parody is just the caption I use to link the picture. I wasn't about to write on my caps. *gasps*

Homunculus Hunter Edward
An apple a day keeps the fangirls away.
I'm too sexy for my life.
Always knew he would make a great dad.
Dragon, dragon, rock the dragon. Dragonball Envy!
'Tis just a flesh wound.
Wait, nobody's dead. No way! This is still BONES, right?
Who says I'm not as hot as my brother?
A BONES couple with a happy ending, bitches. Who've thunk?
I'm...I'm still a man...right?
I already told you! I'm not Naruto!
Better look, gals. This is the last chance you'll get.
CAPTAIN Roy Mustang. Yar!
But...but you can't die, the fangirls said it was impossible.
You're the only one I let my hair down for, taisan.
It was King Bradley in the basement with the SABER.
So close and...
...yet so far. ;_;
We gave Wrath automail but the idea of letting him eat in the house was apparently too much.
Another failed experiment of the T-virus.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
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