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Yay, I didn't read any of the LJ-cuts >>;;


Today, I went to Tate's, if anyone doesn't know, Tate's has many many different types of anime there. Well~ I saw the two FMA pillows that they had there, I didn't have enough money, blame my mom, but I got one. The one with Al and Ed on it. The other had Ed and Roy.

I also got the first OST. ... And two other FMA pins to complete my collection. I got the second Ed one and a Roy.

Then I looked through the posters, and out popped a FMA one. Got that too. SO basicly I got almost every FMA thing in the store :D Cept the other pillow.

Now I must go back a week from now to buy more FMA-related stuff >>;;

And if I was able to, I'd take pictures of every FMA thing I got.

Has anyone heard of Tate's before? o-o;;
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