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Ep. 51 Summary/Translation (for real this time)

Omg I suck yay.
That's right, this is all I have so far. -_- I've been procrastinating. Feel free to pelt me with sharp stones.

11:46 PM- Um. Not really an update but I hope you guys don't mind if I go to bed? *getting sleepy because she woke up early* And I'm having some problems translating the second half (political mumbo jumbo and weird Germanish names), so I might have to consult my mom in the morning. Damn, I'm feeling really bad about not being able to finish this today...I'M SO SORRY!
*watches entry get washed away onto the second page* Uwaaaaaa~!

This episode starts right off with the “Rewrite” Opening, skipping both the prelude and the Touka Koukan speech. It also lacks an episode title.

(this program is brought to you by blah blah blah…)

Horrified, Al watches as Ed is skewered on the end of Envy’s arm. “…Brother?”
Ed hurls up blood, and slides off to the floor with a sickening thud.
Rose is also horrified, and her glassy eyes turn back to normal. “ED!!!” She tries to run to him, but is pulled back by Lyla, who has a firm grip on her arm.
Envy stands up. “Humans are so simple.”
Al: “Brother…Brother! That’s- there’s no way Brother can die!!!”
Nearby, Wrath is lying helpless on the floor. “Dead…?”
Envy: “That’s right, he died! Him and everyone…and only the homunculus will live on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
Al (hysterical): “Brother can’t die. That’s not right! Brother is…Brother is..!!”
Lyla: “This is reality. Perhaps the payment wasn’t enough. Always, the payment is lacking a little.”
Meanwhile, Rabid!Gluttony is running toward Al, insane with hunger.

Scene change to a road near the Fuhrer’s mansion. Two cars are speeding down the road with Hawkeye in handcuffs in one and Selim and his mother in the other. One of the drivers notices another car heading straight for them up ahead. They crash.
The car carrying Hawkeye stops and the soldiers jump out. “Hey! Are you alright?”
In the car, the driver and Bradley’s wife are still suffering from the impact, while Selim looks up to see what appears to be a weird mutant creature emerge from the car that crashed into them. It’s Archer.
Soldier (runs up to him): “Colonel Archer?”
Archer: “I will borrow that car.”
Soldier: “Colonel, where to?”
Archer: “To the Fuhrer’s mansion. There seems to be an intruder.”
Soldier: “That was a misunderstanding. First Lieutenant Hawkeye here-“
Archer: “Hawkeye…?” (eyes narrow, sees her in the car) “Why are you here?!”
Archer pulls out a gun and shoots at her. Hawkeye takes cover behind the front seat, then pulls out her gun as well and fires back. She is hit in her right shoulder.
The two soldiers hold Archer back.
Soldier A: “Please stop it!”
Soldier B: “The Fuhrer said he’ll come to headquarters-“
Archer: “You bitch, what are you planning?!”
Soldier: “Colonel-“
Selim watches them struggle, then turns to find the car door is open. He climbs out.

There is smoke wafting from the Fuhrer’s mansion, and a flickering glow within. Roy stands panting in the kitchen, which is in flames. His face is cut all over, and he has blood on his collar.
The flames go out, and in a violent explosion, a flaming monster appears from beneath the rubble. “At that rate you’re just wasting my lives.”
Roy grits his teeth.
The monster heals itself, and it is Bradley again. “Though I was a little interested in what would happen if you blew me to pieces…” He stabs Roy through his shoulder, pinning him to the wall. “Did you want to become the Fuhrer that much?”
Bradley: “I saw through your cheap act. However, if so, you should have spent more time. If you become an assassin then you will never be allowed to sit in a seat of power.”
Roy: “I…just cannot forgive my own stupidity. I believe I should die for that…this is all I have.”
Bradley: “Then go meet it by yourself. Give my regards to Brigadier General Hughes.”
Bradley starts slowly ripping deeper through Roy’s chest. Roy screams in pain.
A door slams open. It’s Selim. “Father!”
Bradley and Roy turn to look at him. Bradley smiles, his sword still sticking through Roy. “Don’t worry, I’ve caught the intruder.”
Selim looks perturbed, then smiles happily. He runs over to his father. “I’m sorry I didn’t follow your orders, Father, but in return for saving me I want to help you!”
Bradley leans over and puts his hands on Selim’s shoulder. Selim is smiling.
Roy, still pinned to the wall, gasps, “This…is the humanity you call foolish.” Then he notices something.
Bradley is not moving and he is sweating heavily for the first time that night.
Selim is suddenly worried. “Father…? What’s happened, Father?!”
Bradley: “You…what did you…!”
Selim hesitates, then says, “Uh…I…I took it out from the safe.” He opens his shoulder bag and brings out a round bundle covered in white cloth. “In a fire, I thought Father’s precious thing would...”
Bradley suddenly grabs him by the throat and squeezes tightly.
Selim chokes. “F…a…th…er…” His eyes begin to fade.
Roy sees this and hurriedly pulls the sword out of himself. There is a burst of blood, and he stumbles forward.
Selim’s neck makes a snapping noise. Bradley tosses him away. Roy runs forward.
Bradley is gasping. “That is why I say they’re foolish!!” He turns, enraged.
Roy is cradling Selim’s body. He puts him down, then takes the round bundle. The white cloth falls away, revealing a human skull clutched in his left hand. Roy holds it up.
Bradley is sweating and looking very insecure.
Roy gets to his feet, skull pointed toward Bradley. With his right hand, he scrawls his signature array onto his left hand with his own blood. “King Bradley…how many times must I kill you…” He finishes, touches the array, and it glows. Bradley bursts into flames with a groan. “…before you die?”

Back to the ballroom. Rabid!Gluttony feasts on Al’s insides.
Rose (scared and worried): “Stop it…”
There is a loud, echoing clap.
Lyla: “What? What did he do?”
Envy: “Gluttony?”
Gluttony looks up. There is something seriously wrong with his lower lip.
Envy: “An alchemic reaction!”
Al struggles to sit up, his body glowing with the red arrays.
Lyla: “What a problem.” She hands the baby back to Rose and walks toward Al, angry. “And I’d told him not to use alchemy!”
Al stands up.
Lyla: “So much has been used up again-“
Al throws an arm out at her. “Stay away!”
Lyla is surprised.
Al yells, “Don’t touch me!” He stomps out of the array in the floor and over to Ed’s lifeless body.
Lyla: “What do you plan to do?”
Al: “Brother hasn’t died yet.” (puts his hand on Ed’s cheek) “See, he’s this warm. His soul is still inside the Gate. I should restore it…like Brother did for me.”
Lyla: “Don’t do it! If you do that-“
Al: I am…!! Because of my sacrifice, I became the Philosopher’s Stone. No, it could be that from the beginning, I should have died that night…”
Rose: “Al…”
Al: “That’s why-“
Envy suddenly leaps forward, aiming to punch him.
Al claps his hands together. “This is dangerous.”
There is a vibrant blue glow. Red arrays erupt all over the ballroom- floor, ceiling, and walls.
Al: “Brother…”
Envy is caught up in the glow. Everything fades away.

Cut to a yellow ceiling light. Roy is panting, exhausted. His suit is drenched in his own blood.
Bradley is now merely a puddle of red stone. Roy sets fire to the puddle. He then tosses the skull into the flames, and it crumbles away immediately. Roy glances over to Selim, who is lying lifeless on the floor. Roy looks upset.
Roy walks out through the doorway of the mansion, carrying Selim’s body in his arms.
Up ahead, a shadowy figure walks out from behind a car with mechanical stomping noises.
Roy stops.
It’s Archer.
Archer pulls out a gun and aims it at Roy.
Hawkeye comes running up. She sees Archer up ahead and shoots at him. She hits him in the shoulder. She stops and fires six more times in the back. She runs out of ammo. Archer tries to turn around, but collapses halfway. Hawkeye gives a quick sigh of relief.
She continues on. She stops again when she sees Roy lying facedown on the ground with Selim a few feet away, the house inside burning visibly through the open doors. Hawkeye gasps and her eyes widen. She runs to Roy and sets down her gun. She stoops over him, her hands on his back, and calls to him. “Colonel… Colonel. Colonel! Roy Mustang!!”
Roy’s face is a bloody mess. He is lying in a puddle of blood. There is a moment of silence as Hawkeye stares at him in shock. Then she rests her head against him and starts sobbing. She screams in anguish.

In a hazy, yellowish expanse of emptiness, a faintly blurred figure stands. It is Ed. Before him, Al suddenly fades in and then out. “Al?”
Next, Envy fades in, and unlike Ed he is completely solid. Envy looks around, surprised. “Wh-what?” He yells at Ed. “Where is this place?!”
“The Gate,” Ed replies.
Envy turns around. Sure enough, there it is.
Envy: “Where is it connected?”
Ed: “I think…for me it was a city called London. According to Dad.”
Envy: “’Dad’? Do you mean Hohenheim of the Light?!”
Ed: “Yeah.”
Envy: “Then he’s still alive?!”
Envy turns and grinning, marches toward the Gate. He tries to pry the doors open with his hands.
Ed (with a total lack of emotion): “You should give that up. Who knows what’ll happen…”
Envy manages to open the Gate. “I’ll meet Hohenheim! I’ll…kill him!”
From within the Gate, a mass of unblinking eyes stare back at them.
Envy: “Take me! To where Hohenheim is!”
The black arm-thingies reach forward and pull Envy inside. Envy is grinning, until he looks over and notices that the black arm-thingies are turning into little black baby-thingies that are gnawing on his arms and body, giggling all the while.
Envy yells at them, “Don’t bother me!” He tries to shake them off. “I’m going!” Finally he gets rid of them by changing into Ed. “To where Hohenheim is! Where he is!” Now he changes into his true form. “To where Father is!” Then he changes again, this time into a giant green serpent and goes soaring off into the spinning vortex.
The Gates slam close. Ed watches silently, and tears run down his cheeks. “Al.” Then he too fades away.

Darkness. Then Ed opens his eyes. He sees Rose’s worried face. “Ed,” she says. “Are you alive?”
Ed looks at her. He nods, as tears leak out of his eyes. “Yeah.” He wipes away the tears with his right hand. “Why are there tears…” Then he realizes something. “Huh?” His hand is flesh and blood.
Rose: “Al…transmuted you. The dead you.”
He turns to her. “With the Philosopher’s Stone…he connected my body and soul?” He looks distressed. “So then- where’s Al?”
Rose is at a loss for words. They stare at each other for a second, then Rose finally looks away.
Ed looks anguished. “Al…are you saying he disappeared?!” He quickly gets to his feet and looks around, shouting desperately. “Al…Al! Al!! AL!!!!”
Rose’s baby starts crying, and he stops freaking out. He glances over at Rose holding her baby. After a moment, he looks away.

In the elevator going up to the Fuhrer’s office. Lyla’s reflection in the window overlooking the underground city. “How troublesome!” She tugs at her dress, revealing her rotting chest. “When I’m in this condition, to lose the Philosopher’s Stone! I must have Pride gather all those stupid humans together-“
Suddenly there’s a loud noise, and the elevator jolts. Lyla jumps away as the floor beneath her begins to dissolve, forming a hole. Lyla is looking worried.
Rabid!Gluttony emerges, chewing up the floor.
Lyla: “Gluttony! What are you doing here?”
Gluttony climbs in and looks at her, drooling and long tongue hanging out of his mouth.
Lyla: “You’re hungry, huh? Wait a minute! You understand, right, I-“
Gluttony lunges forward.
Lyla quickly claps her hands together.
Another loud noise. The doors of the secret elevator in the Fuhrer’s office opens, but it is empty.

Ed stands in the ballroom in the middle of a large transmutation circle exactly like the one seen in the 5th laboratory. He has taken off his shirt, and arrays are drawn on his forehead, chest, and arms.

Ed (to Rose): “Hurry and go. And sorry, but could you take him too?” (talking about Wrath)
Rose looks at him. “Ed.”
Ed turns away. “I’ll…destroy this place. So that nobody would ever search for the Philosopher’s Stone again.”
Rose: “That’s right. You can come back on your own afterwards. Because now you have your mighty legs.”
He looks at her and smiles.
–End of Flashback

Ed: “If what Dad said is true, even now Al’s body and soul are on the other side of the Gate. There’s no other lives to sacrifice. Even if I give up my whole being, it might be a waste. But…there’s no way you can disappear. Come back…Al.”
He claps his hands together. Then he puts his hands on his chest, and the arrays on his body glows a vibrant blue. So does the array beneath him. The light grows brighter, until it takes up the whole screen.

(commercial break)


Food for thought:

-How could Al feel Ed's warmth? Could it be a plot hole, or is it somehow related to the Philosopher's Stone? :/ Hrrmm.

-Archer keeps turning up. "I'll be back!" is right. 9_9

-Something I noticed. Archer shoots Hawkeye in the shoulder, then she shoots him in the shoulder (before pumping him full of even more bullets). Touka Koukan!

-Roy turns Bradley into a red puddle, then later he himself leaks out a red puddle of his own. Touka Koukan again!

-It seems the Gate keeps on getting bigger and bigger as the series progresses.

-I wonder why Envy became a serpent? DragonBall reference or something to do with the Uroboros tattoo?

-Every time Rose’s baby cries, Ed shuts up and calms down. Does it have some kind of soothing effect on him?

-And omg, I tried so hard to write these scenes without bias but the Ed/Rose still shines through! *fangirls* Kinda wish Rose didn’t leave him alone, but then we wouldn’t have restored!Al so…meh. But it's still sad. ;_;

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