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Why Roy's never going to be a vet....

I was having a bit too much fun with the images I saw at NotAShrimp.Com I just had to do something...

First off, Temarrea wanted a FMA layout (I will do ones for Death Note, etc. if you'd like one. :3) using PHP...

Here it is. :3

On to the images:

I made that one after cutting the background out. Took a while, but there ya go. And yesterday I added the coruse of Rewrite to it...

It's in many of the fonts I've collected... If you wanna know what they are, here's a list in the order of lines:

Celtic Garamond the 2nd
Apple Chancery
French Script Regular
Lydian MT
New Berolinia MT

And, just for the fun of it....

The fine print reads: "Only applies if you're a lady or small 15-year-old boy with blond hair and gold eyes."

Before you ask, yes, I was very bored... Also, how come no one calls Ed a sea monkey? XDD Too long?

Better get prancing... Might put up more later when I find the perfect pictures for my ideas... >D
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