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Episode 51 Summary Part Two


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Ed wakes up and is like OMGWTF?! So he goes up to Envy and is like STFU BITCH and slaps him with the automail hand and Envy screams YEOW THAT HURT. Dante is kissing Rose. Then suddenly, Pride appears! His shirt is STILL torn and Ed's like Damn Pride you got some serious hawt chest action! And pride says OMGWTF and takes out his sword and starts fencing with the wall. Al starts screaming NISSAN NISSAN and Ed says OMG AL I RESCUE YOU! So he goes and hugs Al and suddenly a glowy thingy appears around them and forms letters saying OMGELRICEST! So they stop hugging and then roy walks in and says HA I GOTZ DA L33t ALCHEMY SKILLZORZ YO! And then Ed says "OMGWTFSTFU, NOOB" and transforms into Super Senshi Edward-kun!

"FOR LOVE AND JUSTICE! I AM THE PRETTY SAILOR SUITED ALCHEMIST, SUPER SENSHI EDWARD-KUN!" whoops caps lock! "I fight Homunculusverse trash like you! So watch out and don't call me short, n000b! Y HALO THAR!"

Roy snaps his fingers and says Y HALO THAR CHIBI and Super Sneshi Edward-kun goes OMGWTF WHO YOU CALL SHORT?! and starts spinning around! And then SSE-K waves his magical henshin rod and screams SUPER HYPER CHIBI PRINCESS HALATION! and all these little flamel things start attacking Roy and the homunculuzz! Then the homunculuz and Dante die! yay!

Super Senshi Edward-kun says Dont worry Al i fix you! and he claps his hands and Al is fixeded and then he detransforms and Al says thanks nisan and says omg i can clap hands alchemy too! and fixes ed's arm and leg.

And they all live happily ever after! YAY!


Unrelated note...I think I need to cosplay as Super Senshi Edward-kun.
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