e n v y ME? (envylicious) wrote in fm_alchemist,
e n v y ME?

Damn... So that's the end. I dunno what to say. I didn't expect ending like that, but I think that it's very beautifull and sad way to end that story. And we may make theories about movie now, cuz we know that movie story will be in alternate-Londyn, where's Edward now. And hell, WTF Ed did with that transmutations cirles on his body? Did he sacrifice his body to Al? *waiting for translation* Wrath as poor little auto-mailed child... But I'm so happy that I may see Al in his own body again. And Roy looks DAMN SEXY with that black band on his eye :D Even If I hate him, I must say that. And Hawkeye with long hair... And at least, Ed in ponytail *dies* I feel a little confused now... But... I really, really like it. It was great series and I can only say BIG THANX to Bones Studio. Awesome job. I luv the moment, when Al in our world and Ed in alternate-world up their hands to sun... Damn, It's SO HELL SAD ;_; *depressed*

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