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Crackpot Movie Theory

Okay... I'm sitting around doing not much tonight and I'm thinking about FMA... and a crack-pot movie theory struck me.

So, who's come back already! Lyla, Fake Elric Brothers, Yoki, General Hakuro keeps showing up, Barry, Tucker... my goodness who else... anyways... that leaves ONE person for the crown guest spot on the movie.


Aquoria(?) will have finally sunk, she'll steal something and thus the movie will commence... Ed will hunt her down because he's a spiteful little bugger that way. And then she'll make some comment about what a fine and handsom man he's become... and the world will be flooded with Ed/Psiren doujinshi T_T horrors~~(?)

Please don't let this happen x_X And that's just the first 20 minutes >_>!!

>_> yeah... anyways... that's all I got. Food for thought ^^;; sorry to waste your time! This entry is brought to you by "Sleep Deprivation", "Walmart Chocolate" and the following sponsors:
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