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Fanfiction: Games

Fanfiction contains: Spoilers for...first volume. @_@ I think you're all safe.


Disclaimer: I own nothing and whatnot. I only own what I own and whatnot. That might be nothing. It also might be me. Guess!

Dedicated to: Bratty, that girl who pimped FMA to me. And who said to put this somewhere.


By Forever3330

It was going to rain. She had always loved the rain, as her mother had when she was still here, before she went back to her family. The sky was a deep gray tinted with blue and shades of lavander, the scent of moisture heavy, taunting. There was, with the thought of rain, a small memory of splashing in puddles, a hand holding hers, her mother's smiling face as she let her daughter step in every single puddle, despite the time it took. Despite the splatters of dirty water flying everywhere. Nina paused for the space of a moment, lingering in the breadth and depth of it before passing to the next regretfully, braids flying behind her in liquid amber streams.

"Daddy!" She slowed to a walk as soon as she passed the front door. The two alchemists who were visiting daddy had told her to go on ahead; or the big armored one had. The man that Alexander liked had muttered something about kids not needing to be out so long, after looking at the sky. She took that to be a 'go inside, Nina'.

Alexander rubbed against her side as she walked, winding her way to her father's lab. His tail beat out an unsteady rythym against her thigh, and the girl hummed a snatch of a tune that wasn't really a tune; just sounds made from contentment.

Nina looked around the door that led into her father's lab with a small amount of caution. She wasn't supposed to interrupt his work; that always made Daddy sigh a little, in the way that made her wring her hands. Sometimes, though, Daddy would take her inside his lab and sit her on his lap and read stories that weren't his work. Nina loved those times; they hadn't done that since mommy left, though. "Daddy?"

"Nina?" The door opened, at her father paused, looking down at her, before ushering her in. "Ah, yes, good timing..."

"Al and Ed played with me and Alexander." Nina began rattling off the new games she had learned, mostly dealing with Mr. Ed throwing odd things at Alexander and then making funny faces and falling over. "Daddy, what's wrong?"

"The review, the review...that's all..." Her father looked at her again, and for the first time in a while Nina felt that maybe he wanted to do something together.

"Do you want to play?" Nina smiled generously. That was just what daddy needed; a game. He didn't smile a lot, 'specially with that review-thing coming up. Nina didn't know why he worried; Daddy was the best. He would be fine.

Daddy was quiet again. "I think I know a game we can play."

"Really?" Nina stood straighter, and she felt Alexander react to her movements, his tail moving faster.

"Yes. A game for you and Alexander. Do you want to play?"

Nina considered this for a moment. Then she held out her hand with a child's grin, placing it in her Daddy's; his hand was so much bigger then hers. "Okay, Daddy. Let's play!"

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