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Crack theory

Two fanarts, non-spoiler. :3 and One messed up crack theory for 51 though its probably completly incorrect!

DA link:

Came up with a picture like this during practical arts and decided to draw more of the chibi and young 'miniskirt man'. (don't ask. it's just something my friends know him for.)

DA link:

Everything I wanted to say is in the da link u.u Cause I'm just to lazy to repost.

And now for the crack theory!!


He's how I'm hoping the next episode will go down. Roy will die... Ed walks up in real world again with Hohenhiem helping him out of the fire/crashed zeppelin. Envy tries to kill Dante due to something she said about Hohenhiem. Dante will try to save herself with a transmution while Al/Philospher's Stone is still in effect and begin to decay. Roy will pop up in the real world then the rest is some random mumble jumbo... ^^ Don't ask why I wrote this all done in semi jot notes I'm just trying to get this done before school. Speaking of school I must be off and therefore concludes my wacked crack theory of what will take place in episode 51!

One more cut x.x;;

I got these little Ed and Al fans at Ai-kon 2004 for $8 each x.x But it was totally worth it!

I quite proud of these little things. They come in handy if you're in costume in a crowded con. And they're cute too. *hugs Ed fan*

That's all I have to post for today.
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