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Greetings minna! Happy Lunar New Year to all! <3 In light of the season (and the oh-so-fortunate circumstances.. uhuhu..), I've written a Royed fic.

Warning. Heavy AU, and possible OOC. Any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy. ^^

Title: Lion Dancers
Author: Toraneko
Warning: Heavy A/U, PG-13
Summary: Roy & Ed are lion dancers. Who knows what's going on under there..

"Ugh." Roy groaned as he hoisted Edward up onto his shoulders, practicing the elaborate movements of the Chinese lion dance. Ed leaned his weight a little to much to the left, threatening to fall. Roy nudged his leg up forcefully, saving them both from embarassment should Ed had falled.

Ed jumped down from Roy's shoulders, continuing the sequence. The drums sounded in the background, marking the rhythm of their movements, accompanied by an occasional clanging of the cymbals.

Chinese New Year was due in five days, which explained why the lion dance troupe had regrouped. Chinese New Year was always the time when they were the most active, naturally. People would hire these "lions" to chase away the bad luck from their houses, and usher in the new year with good, or at least better, luck.

"I'm tired! Can we stop?" Ed yelled from inside the lion's "head".

"Time out!" yelled. "That's it for now. Thirty minute break."

Ed let out a sigh, and instantly plopped himself onto the floor. Roy went over to the benches to get his water bottle, and handed Ed his, before dropping on the floor next to Ed.

"Argh.. damn, I think I'm losing it, Roy.." Ed muttered, covering his eyes with his hand, his chest heaving up and down, trying to catch his breath. Roy sat up, poking Ed in the ribs. "Shut up.. you just gotta maintain your balance up there. It ain't easy having you struggle on my shoulders y'know."

Ed groaned and rolled over, his back facing Roy. Roy inched closer to him and tugged on his braid, whispering into his ear, "You know, I could arrange to have more sitting sequences instead of standing ones." Ed half turned, and was greeted with a smug smirk. He narrowed his eyes in exhasperation.

"I know you like those, you bugger." Roy's smirk grew wider as his hand slithered around Ed's head, decreasing the distance between the two. Roy didn't care that they were both hot, sweaty and dripping, it made Ed all the more attrative in his opinion. "Just say the word and I'll do it Ed.." Roy said and closed the distance between their lips, catching Ed in a breathless gasp.

Roy's tongue teased Ed, brushing playfully over his lips, wanting them to submit to his requests. Ed, however, played hard to get, only opening his mouth to scrape his teeth lightly across Roy's tongue, eliciting a soft groan from Roy, who disliked having that done to him.

But finally, Ed played along with Roy, burshing his tongue against Roy's, engaging themselves in the sensual dance. Ed broke off suddenly, compelled by the need to breathe. He dipped his head into Roy's loose embrace, accounted by the fact that they were hot, and caught his breath slowly.

Roy rolled over onto his back, bringing Ed along with him, so that now Ed was lying directly on top of him. He opened his bottle and poured almost half the bottle's contents onto both of them. Ed sputtered and coughed, and yelled, "What the hell was that for?!"

"That's to cool you off until after training." Roy said, and flashed Ed a wide smirk, before sitting up on his elbows, shoving Ed off. "End of break, eh?" He sighed and scrambled to his feet.



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