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Just wondered on the opinion of those of us who follow American politics who are FMA fans - in FMA, the Fuhrer (Sorry, I forget the correct spelling of the actual term, Dai-Sotou?) is the cause of wars that numerous people die in. (This is trying to cut out any possibility for spoilers right here, so I won't have to cut stuff. Just assuming that ya'll know all the rest)

Now, not to start political debates or drama, but it's undeniable that the Bush administration has yet to find the Weapons of Mass Destruction that we infiltrated Iraq for. And people have died as a result. And, since FMA is based on a real world map, the Ishvarites would certainly have to be middle eastern.

So, Bush=Bradley? Any thoughts? =D

EDIT: To everyone who disagrees with this, or is offended, I am sorry. This was done primarily in jest and a sense of good spirit. I'm glad that people got a kick out of it, but I do feel bad that I have possibly offended some people, because that wasn't my intention. And yes, I do think Hitler=Bradley is a MUCH better comparison. But it's simply not a humorous one... =D

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