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Envy's Behavior...

zrana had some Envy fanart up (countdown to the last eps ;_;) and then I started to think about Envy's transformations.

ko0lchiki: I wonder if his manhood changes size as he transforms too >_>
tresskitten: Now that's got me wondering...When he morphes into females, like Ross and Winly, does he choose to keep his manhood, or does he morph EVERYTHING?
ko0lchiki: what about the half where his top half is the body of a woman?

is it just like, stuffing? balloons? flesh? actual bouncing boobs?
tresskitten: ...Acutally, the more I think about it, he probably does change it. That might be the only way to change his voice to suit the person.
ko0lchiki: I guess so.

But he could just change his voice box and not everything else to suit the person...

For all we know, he could be filled with candy like a pinata all the time >_>

tresskitten and I were wondering what your thoughts are?
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