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FMA Crackfic Snippet

Gah! More bunnies. Not even good, smutty bunnies. Just weirdness. My boyfriend laughed at me because he could actually see this bunny being born as I worked it out outloud. It shook off its dust coat and immediately started to drain me of blood. Stupid bunny.


This is why she hated the military. It took perfectly healthy men and women and turned them in shells of themselves. Her brother had never looked like this before. He had always been a proud and stubborn young man. Traits she shared with him.

Now he was pale and…. The best word she could think of was fragile. Her little brother looked as if one wrong move would make him break.

She had heard what had happened at Ishbal. The uprising and the deployment of the alchemists. And she had even heard about how some of the alchemists were much more powerful than they should have been.

Including her brother.

But now was not the time for her to think about this. Instead, she knocked softly on the doorframe. Her brother was staying here, at her home, for the time being. Too easy to track him down at their parents house, and if he was there, the military would call him back before his leave was over.

Dark eyes looked up, and a ghost of his infamous smile graced her brother’s pale face. “Hello, Neechan.”

“Yo, Roy,” replied Izumi as she strolled into the room.

This came from the fact of me realizing that they have the exact same shaped eyes. Seriously, check it out. It's a growing story, and I can't make it stop.

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