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Some confusion over Edward's seiyuu

This may actually be off-topic a bit, since it's not directly related to FMA, but I'm rather flummoxed. It has to do with Ed's Japanese voice actor, Paku Romi.

I was recently looking to see what other roles this seiyuu has done, and I ran up against some confusion. A lot of voice roles attributed to her by some sources are by other sources attributed to another woman called Sunao Tamami. Just for a few examples:

Roles I've seen attributed to Paku Romi include: Edward from FMA, Katsushiro from Samurai 7, Maki from Airmaster, Heimdall from Matantei Loki Ragnarok, and Temari from Naruto, among others (Tao Ren, Ken, etc.) But I've also seen pages -- including Hitoshi Doi's seiyuu database, which I normally take as correct -- attributing the roles of Katsushiro, Maki, Temari and Heimdall to Sunao Tamami. I even found one page saying that this Sunao Tamami had done Ed. One or two mis-attributed roles I could see, but four and five?

Page of Paku Romi's roles:

Page of Sunao Tamami's roles:
Same database has a list of Paku Romi's roles: http://www.tomodachianime.com/public/personnel.asp

Okay, what's up with this? Are Paku Romi and Sunao Tamami the same woman? If so, how? I know that Paku Romi's name is Korean; is perhaps Sunao Tamami the Japanese reading of the same characters? Or did she maybe change her name at some point, and if so, why? And if they're the same woman, why does she have two different entries on a number of databases?

Unfortunately, all the pages I can find with information on either woman are in Japanese. Can anyone clear up this puzzle for me?

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