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Sin Love

This may be an odd request but dose anyone have scans for the Ishbal (7 sins) arrays besides Lust (since Scar bares that one I can always find it.) the first time you see them is on the wall of the old alchemist Ishbal outcast and just recently episode 50 if I’m seeing things right (I can’t get a aerial view of Al to confirm this yet ) Dante’s seven point array also bares these arrays located at the end of each point. If anyone has scans of these I’d love you to death. I’m hoping to find out which ones are which.

Um also dose anyone remember the episodies that have Ed’s first encounter with the gate since there’s more then one I’ve lost track after episode 4 >.<U P.S. I’m planning to get a FMA tattoo but wanted to go a little more subtle about it and use one of the Ishbal arrays. As much as I like the Lust one I want to keep my options open. Just loved those organic curves!!

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