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Hey everyone! New member here, been watching for a while and finally decided to come out of lurking ^_^
I saw FMA at our local con this summer, having seen lots of fanart for it on DA and decided to see what all the fuss was about. Saw the first 8 eps and then had to borrow it from a friend. Unfortunately, he only has up to ep 22 T_T I finished all of that yesterday and now I feel deprived. At least I know what's happening, because I just can't not read spoilers, esp when they have images >.>

ANYWAY! I was hoping to offer to do art requests for people or just ask for ideas (I really want to do some Ed pictures, but I have zero inspiration T_T), but that's been done recently and all the great art here is making me feel very inferior and mediocre. So! In order to make this slightly less pointless, I have decided to showcase my poor digital coloring skills for you all. That is, in the interests of doing anything besides homework, I colored the lovely picture that Zrana posted the other day. So, intro and 2 versions of the picture behind the cut ^__^

They're mostly the same thing, just some minor alterations to the blood on his face and chest >.> I'm picky. And I realize I forgot to erase the white in one part of his hair *slaps self* Comments welcome!

And a short intro thing... name's Amy, alias Skye, I'm a 19 y/o science student and.. well not going to blather on for once, my hobbies and stuff are in my profile, and I'm always looking for new lj friends so if anyone wants to add me or chat or anything, please, go ahead ^_^

Anyways, I hope you like them >.> Sorry this is so long, I know I talk way too much ^^;

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