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Hohenheim Fic!

I struck a bargain with myself: I could take a break from studying and fic if and only if I worked in the biology I have a test on tomorrow. The result?

Title: Energy.
Word Count: 375.
Rating: PG for Hohenheim quasi-angst.
Spoilers: First half of episode 50.
Summary: Post episode 50, Hohenheim Elric reflects on the laws of biology.



Whenever Hohenheim Elric wasn’t busy with the war effort, he read.

The majority of the British government considered this a touch on the eccentric side, but tended to overlook it since M.P. Elric was one of Churchill’s most important aides. Churchill himself often took a moment, in between the hell of planning an offensive and keeping the damned Germans away from London, to make a jibe about Hohenheim’s fascination with grammar school biology, but Hohenheim just smiled his slight, knowing smile and turned a page in his latest book.

Energy from the sun flows through the biosphere, constantly being absorbed and released. The matter that if flows through is constantly recycled…

So much carbon, so much nitrogen, this much chlorine and that much calcium in a human body. That much stayed constant in both worlds. Touka goukan. Equivalent trade – these atoms made these molecules and cycled around this whole huge, tiny world. Matter was not supposed to pass through the Gate (he himself, he supposed, was an anomaly, but after four hundred years of life he felt rather entitled to break the scientific laws of any dimension he entered). Matter called to matter and would not let it leave, but energy…

It was hard to believe, really, and easy to understand why Edward hadn’t believed it. The energy alchemists used was leeched, bit by bit, from this world. Energy was given off by a warm sun here, cycled from plant to animal, and drained away at every transfer by alchemists beyond the Gate.

Energy transformations are never one-hundred percent…

The cat at his side lapped quietly at her bowl of milk. Inside her, proteins were being broken down, unstrung, and built into something else, into something new, by a quiet, domesticated cousin of alchemy. The cat had come a long way, he knew, perfecting its particular form of transformations through thousands of generations of mammals and reptiles and amphibians and small aquatic creatures, but he could imagine, if he closed his eyes, the energy lost with every flick of her tongue, energy that was slipping away to supply the enormous burst of power needed for an alchemic reaction.

He closed his book with a warm puff of a sigh, and willed the energy to Edward.

Read? Review? Wish me luck on my test?

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