naga_battousai (naga_battousai) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Schedule in Japan

Hey you all :)

So here I am, in Osaka, for a business trip, and I figure while I'm here why not try to catch the finale for FMA? Therefore... any of you gals/guys know at what channel is FMA playing in Osaka, Kansai? I got as far as figuring out the date from FMA jp website (saturday, I think), but can't figure out which channels.

Oh, and tonight, coming back from a snack, I thought I was hallucinating when I heard a *very* familiar song playing in the street. And there went a guy on his bicycle, belting out TM revolution's FMA opening song at the top of his lungs O_O. And... that's not a bad rendition at all!

Heh, I love Japan.

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