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My good friend found an anime store in Machida city where she lives so we all took a trip over there today after class. I proceeded to spend almost 7500 yen (roughly $70) on FMA goods. I got volumes 2 and 7 of the manga, four figurines (no Ed!! Damn it!) of Al, Hughes, Winry and Envy, three pins, a notebook, a key chain, a hanging window decal, some postcards, a poster, a cell phone cover, stickers, an Ed change purse, a flamel patch, a hand towel and a picture frame with a nice picture of Ed in it. They had an Ed plushie there, but you couldn't buy it, you had to gamble for it. I would have gambled for it, but it was 500 yen so I didn't do it. I also wanted an alarm clock, but I didn't bring enough with me to get that as well. I'm so happy I could cry!!!

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