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FMA Mythwear Bag!!!

While I was drooling over the FMA DVD on RightStuf, I came across this:

Fullmetal Alchemist Logo Courier^3 Bag - Black

* Measures 13 1/2 inch long x 11 high x 3 1/2 inch wide
* 5 X 8 inch Mesh Pockets
* 3 Pen pocket slots
* PDA pocket slot
* Five 5 1/4 inch deep sleeve pockets
* Inside Velcro pocket
* Outside Velcro pocket that runs the length of the bag
* Two side mounted mesh drink holders

* Date Available - Oct 1 2004
* Media - Other
* Product Availability - Preorder - Not Yet Shipping
* Publisher - MYTHWEAR

Unfortunely, this is no picture yet. But at least its' coming out next week. :)

I checked, but I found no info on it yet. But I'll link it so you can see at least what the courier bag looks like.

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