Zrana (zrana) wrote in fm_alchemist,

more Hagaren Fanart by Zrana

I drew in class today. Don't I always?

Hughes doesn't need glasses anymore where he is... >.> okay, so I didn't want to draw them.

These were all originally on one piece of paper, but I seperated them. Scrap bristol board in one of my art classes. Damn, but Design Fundamentals is BORING!

And I still wouldn't mind people coloring THIS ep 50 inspired Ed drawing of mine.

I've actually started coloring it myself, but my computer froze up on me part way through and I lost some of the stuff I did since the previous save. Anger at computer will likely keep me from finishing my own color job... I tend not to really like my coloring jobs...

Last one is a bit ep 50 spoilerish. And whatever that Hughues episode was spoilerish--but I think we're way past the eps in the 20s here now.

I just noticed how I referred to everyone by their first name... EXCEPT for Hughues. He's just special cool like that.

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