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Hello~ :D

Hi everyone~ I'm new here. Well, kind of. I've joined this community some while ago, but this is my first post. ^^

I don't know if many you frequent the Hagaren forum at Anime Suki (I'm just a lurker there, lol), but there's this interview with Arakawa-sensei translated and posted by Yebyosh on the same forum that I thought it would be really interesting to read if you haven't yet. ^^ And there's official word that Arakawa is a woman, for the still non-believers XD!

I find interesting that, while Arakawa states that she truly believes in "Equivalent Trade", the anime is trying to show that it is not the truth of the world, actually. This definitely makes the anime and manga completely different, eh.

And here it ends my first post here because I couldn't think of anything else to say. Um, nice to meet you guys? XD;

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