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28 September 2004 @ 09:33 am
An introduction--somewhat opinionated, hold onto your butts  
*waves* Hello all. I go by the handle Nabuca online usually. I'm both new and not new...I've been watching this community on and off before I decided to subscribe to it. Got into FMA sometime after Febraury, read both the manga as well as watch the anime. Big supporter of Ed and Winry, as well as Roy and Riza, because yes I must do the whole cliche "My favorite pairings are blah blah blah!!!1one"

Where someone to really ask me what my favorite pairings are, or if I'm a supporter of yaoi/shonen ai, or yuri/shoujo ai, you'd might as well ask me if I'm into romance novels or something. I really seem to lack what alot of fans have, and thats the understanding of the huge hype over same-sex pairings, more specifically same sex pairings between two males. It really makes me wonder if this is merely the result of the fact that current modern-day thought--to be more specific--the U.S. culture in general, is highly repressed. The U.S. in and of itself was founded on very strict Puritanical principles. Not only was homosexuality highly discouraged for a long time in history, or more specifically U.S. history, so has sexuality in general. Now that times are starting to change, I find people, mostly young females, latching onto the whole homosexual phenomenon like rebellious teens after a bottle of their father's booze. And I make this metaphor because, for example, in Europe drinking laws (and depending on where you are, NO drinking laws), are far more lax there than in the U.S. And yet still there are far-less alcohol-induced crimes there than in the U.S. I was raised by an Irish Roman Catholic household, the laws against me drinking where very lax within family circles, and yes although I've done my fair share stupid things under the influence, I've always taken responsibility afterwards, and I've never really seen alcohol as such a big deal as most kids around me did. By the same token, I myself am a transgendered bisexual male (FtoM). All of my decently-sized circle of friends I surround myself with are gay or lesbian, with the exception of one. All of us seem also to not grok the hype over same-sex pairings in anime fandoms, unless of course such pairing is already present, or hinted at such. I used to think that this was a thing mostly common with straight young females, but then I am also under the understanding that either a.) older, or b.) gay/lesbian females and males share this hype too, but as I understand it those numbers are a bit fewer. I've watched the pattern of same-sex pairing fans in the GWing fandom, and I'm noticing similar patterns in the growing FMA-fandom as well. Though personally...I am of the opinion that FMA as a whole really is NOT condusive to same-sex pairings. Then again I'm not a romance-novel type person either, just in general. I've written a small handful of shonen ai fics back in the day. I'm not sure if I pulled it off right, and I notice most people who do, don't seem to pull it off right either, but then again I'm really not one to judge that, so I generally avoid it altogether with a few exceptions. At any rate, it really seems to me like the whole "must pair the prettyboys together"-thing has gotten so out of hand in recent years. Its as if some people are desperate enough to pair someone with anyone or anything with a phallus...OMG EdxTree-stump!!!11

Now...understand that just because I don't agree to something or subscribe to a certain thought, does not mean that I don't respect other people's right to agree with a certian thing or subscribe to that thought. This rant is merely a musing over what I see as a common trend that has flared up over the past several years. It also expresses my wish to participate in some more refreshing lines of conversation...I found loyalwolf108's informative post a rather refreshing change from the usual talk and banter that goes on in fandom communities. For one thing, I've always had an invested interest and fascination with Hermetic Philosophy or alchemy (I found myself very intrigued when I first discovered FMA's exhistence), and it would be interesting to see more discussion on the alchemical symbolism in FMA or the poetic licensing that goes on in the series versus real-world alchemy and alchemical principles. This is assuming that not many conversations of like have gone on already, and I am merely too daft to have seen it, or merely too busy with stuff outside of the glowing computer monitor, as what tends to happen frequently.

At any rate, I'm done. I feel as if I've rambled like a homeless wino, and perhaps I have, though in all reality I'm merely just waking up and waiting for the caffeine in my coffee to slam my system. I will, therefore, go back to lurking, and nursing my skull. Somedays I feel like a flaming zeppelin fell down onto my head.



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Jadealiyajadealiya on September 28th, 2004 09:08 pm (UTC)
While I hate to flood this with more responses, I can't help myself ^_^

I actually had an oppotunity last semester to study homosexuality in japanese popular culture and international yaoi fandoms for my final paper for my gender in modern japan class - there are a lot of really interesting ideas behind why straight women are so interested in slash. It actually became "popular" in the 70s in America with K/S zines (fan works slashing Kirk and Spock from star trek and also where the term "slash" comes from ^_^) so it is not necessarily a new thing. Some of the more interesting ideas I've heard behind the "why" of slash revolve around questions about gender roles and a search for ideal expressions of love. If the idea is popularly held that women cannot be a part of "ideal" relationships either because they are "below" men or because of the physical risk of pregnancy ruining any idealism, then it becomes less desirable for female fans to look at female characters and try to see fantasy relationships taking place. It is much easier to take to male characters and create a couple - though it is not so much about the "gay" as the lack of gender and the lack of gender roles. Of course, there is also the idea that with male couples there is no character for a female reader to compare herself to and feel she has to compete with them - theres just the sexy seme and the uke who inspires sympathy and motherly feelings, and the idea that women like to write about and see gay men for the same reason men like to see lesbian porn - twice as much naked man, no naked women. And now, I definately see a bit of all these ideas with the addition of fad/popularity making this a desirable niche in fandoms. Sorry to rattle on like this, but I just wanted to put these theories out there and encourage any one who is interested in this to look for reasearch and scholarly articles. Its a really interesting subject ^_^ ((and for the record, I tend to be gender blind in picking my favorite relationships - yaoi, yuri, het - its all about the characters and how they interact))
《 √esse 》: My Ego // Luna_Rivierainnate on September 29th, 2004 03:12 am (UTC)
Much what I would have said if I wasn't dead tired. Basically what many people have said...smooshed together!

-takes the lazy way out-