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I have a little question about Envy:

I was watching episode 14 this evening with my brother and came across this:

Envy says he can't remember his original form... Then how did he go all Hohenvy and stab Ed? Was he just lying to Lust in episode 14, or did he somehow manage to remember what he really looked like? Questions, questions... maybe they've already been answered and I've just forgotten about it. If that's the case, feel free to shove me in the right direction. ^^;

Also, Nanashi's released a movie trailer.

It's just the "Melissa" OP animation and Roy giving the Touka Koukan speech. Yay, Roy! Now we know for sure he won't die. He's in the movie. They can't kill him (for good) if he's going to be in the movie. Yes... :3 *floats away on fangirlish cloud*

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