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Touchpad Crack!!

I have yet to draw a HagaRen fanart on the computer NOT using the touchpad. (I DO have a mouse, but it's not as fun.) (Okay, my icon was drawn with a mouse, but it was done so in like two seconds.)

Yes, uh... I labeled everything in case no one could tell who's who or something. Please note that this is my first time drawing everybody except Full Metal Alchemist Guy and Winry (yes, I AM biased), and I drew everyone from memory. XD Winry is so ginormous because I drew her first without thinking about what size the other characters would be. XD And she is holding a wrench. I forgot to label that. And I dislike drawing the lower body with the touchpad. I didn't even attempt below the head for Al.
Envy... I don't know what's up with him. Or Gluttony or Pride. I was going to draw ALL the homonculi, but... uh, I didn't.
Oops, forgot to add the yellow to the military uniforms. And Riza CAN see what Roy is thinking, because, uh... she has the eyes of a hawk. XD
I think that's it...

Also, in case anyone missed my comment earlier...


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