I run on coffee and impatience (melts) wrote in fm_alchemist,
I run on coffee and impatience

Memorable moments, pairings, and other stuff

So after the anxiety attacks that episode 50 has put us all through...thought we could use a little humor and reminsce about the series as a whole.. Like, what was your favorite pairing, moment, episode, and anything else... as well as any crack-induced, caffeine-induced theories XD;;;

Oh, and I heard the manga is ending soon too...anyone confirm/deny this?

Most memorable crack-pairing that will never happen: Roy/Hohenheim (don't ask)
Episode that just made you spit out whatever juice,food,etc in your mouth: eh...10, with Psiren the thief
Still in denial about: Hughes dying...that was just brutal..and of course, Ed's apparent death in 50
WTF?!? - eh..did anyone else notice that in episode 50, when Archer is all going psycho and has blood trickling down, he had gaps in his teeth?? Like, they were dark marks = something is missing
Character: besides Ed....Izumi

There....lemme know what you guys liked the best

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