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A thought. Maybe. Perhaps.

Maybe this is just my delusional rambling, but something isn't sitting right with me about this episode. Though, I imagine things aren't sitting right with a lot of people--that was pretty tough to stomach, after all. Anyway, I'll try to make this brief (episode 50 spoilers, in case you haven't cottoned on:

People seem pretty divided over the "Is He Or Isn't He" issue, regarding Edward's "Death". Some people seem pretty ready to accept that that's it, kaput, the midget has kicked the bucket, soon to be a beanstalk in his own right, etc.

I hate to sound like a whiny hanger-on, but... I can't see it. Maybe I'm just delusional and don't want to accept something, but the way Ed's eyes unfocused at the very end looked a little different from the way Trisha's did when we saw her death. It could be possible that he's just unconscious from shock and blood loss and sheer blinding pain at this moment; he is mortally wounded, but as we know of our Fullmetal, it takes a lot to bring that boy down.

And maybe we're taking the episode title, "Death", too literally, and as such jumping to conclusions ahead of time? We have, after all, seen a lot to do with death in this episode. On the one hand, the "other" Edward dies under the Zepplin; but in another way, we learn that it is Death that is the power for alchemy. The series seems to route to us that at the beginning of everything new and every transformation, there is death. Death as a source of life, if you will.

So maybe, Ed's not dead just quite yet. Close to it, definitely, but maybe there's a little more to the fullmetal brat then meets the eye? Call it wishful thinking, but I'm not ready to consider him down for the count just yet.

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