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[ficlet] Koori no Kokoro

Title: Koori no Kokoro
Author: whimsy_chan
Rating: G all the way, baby. XD
Warnings: None.
Notes: Please excuse the fangirl Japanese in the title--I suck at titles, and everything just sounds better if you plug it into an English/Japanese online dictionary. XD Also, this is the first thing I've written for FMA. It will probably also be the last thing, knowing me. XD
Feedback: Yes, please! ^_^ Concrit welcome.
Length: Um. Really, really short.

Koori no Kokoro

Ed trudged through the snow toward the next town, his brother following, puppy-like, at his heels. His mind wasn't on his surroundings, or he would have noticed that the snow had started to fall again, drifting down in heavy flakes. Instead, it was his brother's voice that called his faraway thoughts back to the here-and-now.

"Nii-san, it's snowing!"

Ed looked up, taking note of the growing snowstorm and turned, intending to tell his brother they should hurry before they were caught in a blizzard. Instead, he stopped and simply watched as his younger brother took obvious delight in the soft flakes and pretty, snow-covered trees. How a suit of armor could look so enchanted was beyond Ed; he put it down to the fact that it was his brother, that it was Al animating the armor--nothing could obscure his brother's sweet nature, not even dozens of kilograms of steel.

Smiling slightly, Ed approached his brother and laid his human hand on Al's chestplate, where his heart would be if he had his human body. On a whim he leaned forward and breathed gently on the cold metal, allowing the moisture from his breath to condense and crystallize in the cold. He was aware of his brother looking down, making a small inquisitive noise. Ed ignored him and leaned back. He removed the glove from his left hand and traced a heart in the thin layer of ice he'd created on Al's chestplate. He looked at his handiwork, then turned his eyes up, meeting Al's gaze.

His brother looked stricken, and his voice was strained when he said, "Nii-san...."

Ed gave his brother a brief, sad smile before turning away.

"Al! Let's go, before we turn into popsicles out here!"

He strode off toward town. His brother was still for a moment before he ran to catch up. As Al drew up next to him, Ed could see out of the corner of his eye that he was holding his hand over his chestplate, carefully protecting his "heart."

The End

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